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The Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate of Safety and Health Division is responsible for regulating and monitoring safety in the gas and petroleum industries.

The inspectorate regulates naturally produced petroleum and natural gas, fuel gases such as LPG, CNG, LNG and related products, and sewage and other bio-gases. It does not cover acetylene, ammonia, petrol, diesel and other 'refined gases or products'. Industries regulated by the inspectorate include petroleum exploration and production, petroleum pipelines, gas distribution (including reticulation and gas cylinders), automotive LPG, gas users (from power stations to pottery kilns) and licensing the installation and servicing of domestic, commercial and industrial gas devices.

Emergency contact information

Call 000

Emergencies relate to instances concerning, but are not limited to, a pipeline rupture, gas leak / fire / explosion, a vehicle leaking Auto LPG etc. As a precaution, keep clear of the immediate area. Call 000 in the first instance in an emergency situation, and where possible, also call the petroleum or gas company named on any signage.

Incident notification

Immediate notification of incidents:
1300 910 933

(Available 24/7)
Online click here
Find out more about how to report a prescribed incident at your operating plant or business. Public reporting of minor incidents, concerns or questions about gas safety, please go to

Petroleum & Gas Inspectorate Details

The Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate publishes newsletters, annual reports, and other important updates about the sector in Queensland. The Inspectorate also publishes safety alerts, instructions and bulletins to raise awareness in the industry. You can subscribe on their website to receive updates.

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GTRC National Certification Database

The GTRC National Certification Database provides a listing of gas appliances and components that are or have been previously certified by the certification bodies that are recognised individually by the GTRC members.

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Petroleum & Gas Inspectorate - Gas Work and Devices

Access gas work information including licensing requirements, device approvals and technical guidelines.

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Petroleum & Gas Inspectorate - Type A Devices

An overview of approval processes, getting certified, suspensions and cancelled approvals

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