QGA – Type A Gas Approval Applications

Before you begin...

Please ensure you have all items required to process your application. Use our checklist below.

  • Engage a local gas fitter to prepare/check the gas device and ensure it is brought up to Australian standards. The gas fitter will then cap it off/switch off the gas device until the gas safety test has been carried out by a Certifier.
  • Complete the online application form including: Customer Details, Application Details, Specifications and Checklist. You will need to upload 3 photos:
    • A photo of the complete gas device
    • A photo of the appliance data plate and
    • A photo of the front cover of the manual
    • You also need to ensure, if there are any electrical components to the gas device, that it has been test and tagged or has an electrical safety certificate
  • Check all information is complete, ensure your QGA Declaration and photos are uploaded, then submit the application along with your payment
  • An invoice for the application fee of $165 (including GST) will be issued to you
  • Once payment is received by QGA, your application will be assigned to a Certifier, who will contact you to discuss time, date and their costs to complete the gas safety test
  • Once your gas device passes the gas safety test, the Certifier will put a QGA badge on the device and the information will be uploaded to the QGA compliance register
  • Your gas fitter will then issue you with a Gas Compliance Certificate

Should you require assistance in completing the application, please call Administration on 1300 792 239.

QGA Type A Gas Applications

When you're ready to apply and you have your required items as per our checklist, you can complete your application

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